Tuesday, July 31, 2018

goat kids have arrived

This summer two of Bissy's goats have been staying at our place to help with brush control.  As summer continued, it became apparent that one of the goats, Juliet, was expecting much to our excitemnt and yesterday was the big day.  She had two, sweet little girls in the late afternoon.

the girls, not even 24 hours old yet

Juliet is a great mom

Mom and girls are doing well and resting up in our side yard, which will act as a nursery for the next week or so.  The kids are sooo tiny with the main body being about the size of an adult rabbit, and then long legs.  Already, they show trademark curiosity. Like all newborns, they are napping most of the time, but when awake they are exploring the yard. The darker one even escaped the fencing as she is small enough to climb through the holes in the electric netting.  

I asked Bissy what she will name them and she isn't sure yet.  I like Dot and Dottie, myself.

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

the sheep

On March 9th, we went up to Black Sheep Creamery for a farm tour, cheese making tour, and to pick up our own milking lambs.  They have grown so much since we've brought them home and I am smitten. 

Here they are on our neighbor's horse pasture in belly high grass.  Every morning we walk them over and then bring them back to the farm in the evening.  I didn't think it was possible for a sheep to get chubby off of grass, but boy, are they ever filling out!

Jax has been going with us sometimes when we walk the sheep over to the pasture and we've been working with him on not chasing or jumping on them.  It's hard for him being a puppy and all, but he needs to learn right away that his job is to protect, not pounce.

Evelyn - the beauty

Charlotte - the brains

Lucy in front (the bossy-pants) and Elizabeth in back (the sweetheart)

Just this last Sunday, we went back up to Black Sheep Creamery to pick up a ram lamb, which I need to take pictures of.  He's younger and skinnier than these ladies, but should grow big and fast in time for some fall courtship with the ladies.  With a little luck, we'll have cute lambs in the spring, and once weaned, possibly some sheep milk available for cheese making.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Jax and Russell

Over the past year, we've been reevaluating the farm and what we want to focus on. We've come up with some new ideas, one of which is raising milking sheep, in addition to our garlic, fruits and berries.  Having sheep meant that we would also need to ensure their safety, and as wonderful as Snow Bear is, he's getting older.  He still does his job valiantly, but moves slower and recovers from a long night slower. With that in mind, we didn't want to put the pressure of yet more animals solely on his shoulders.  This led us to getting Jax to help out.

Jax and Russell hanging out

We picked up the puppy last weekend, and he's perfect guardian material being half Pyrenees, 1/4 Anatolian Shepard, and 1/4 Spanish Mastiff. Of course, he's 100% adorable, wiggly, smart and sweet.  While I was busy working the tree sale over the weekend, James got to spend quality time bonding with the new puppy and showing him around the place.  He also named him Ajax, but we've taken to calling him Jax for short.

How is Snow Bear handling having a puppy around?  Well, he seems to be taking it all in stride, although he does seem a put off by the puppy's energy and would rather do more napping than playing.

nap time

Jax in turn is crazy for Snow Bear, and follows him everywhere. It's amazing how much Jax is learning from him. I had no idea the difference it makes having an older dog around to guide the younger. 

Now, you may be wondering about the pig in the picture.  Russell is a Kune and is still young and growing at about 3 1/2 months, but even as an adult, he'll be on the smaller side weighing in about 150-200 pounds.  My cousin picked him and his sister up, along with some other pigs for her farm.  I asked to borrow the two Kunes to help clear out some weedy garden spots, and of course fell in love.  We only have Russell now, but he has become a farm mascot and is most likely here to stay.  He is getting very tame and will let you pet him once he gets to know you.  He also is quite the cute beggar for snacks and loves lounging in our yard.  At night, he joins the sheep and seems to appreciated having good wool blankets all around warding off the chill.

more nap time

Friday, January 12, 2018

a bit of sewing

Happy New Years!

How has your January been going? I've spent a lot of time planning and daydreaming about the farm, going through my seeds to see what needs to be ordered (not much!), and setting the house to rights after all the wonderful holiday cheer.  I've also been working on some fun projects and this little Victorian style felt pillow is one. 

T. and I went to a sewing fair in November and had a blast looking at all the vendors and getting more ideas than I could possibly do in a year. At one of the first stalls, I saw this cute pattern and was charmed.  At the end of the day, this tree still stuck out so I picked up the pattern from Lumenaris on my way out, and I'm just as tickled with it now as I was then.

This worked up very quickly in the evenings while the fellas and I watched shows after dinner. I love the feel of the wool felt, and hope to make a few more, maybe another in this scheme, but what about a pale blue and cream combination, or pink and mint 1950s style?  Also, I'd like to attach a ribbon so the little pillow could be hung, or possible sew a loop on the back side that a dowel could go through and hung that way.