Thursday, August 13, 2015

A.'s a teen now

We celebrated A's birthday on Monday, but with him counting down since June, the event felt longer than the actual day.  Per his request, we stayed home and had a quiet family party with brownies instead of cake, and space themed decorations to celebrate.

Zimmerman?  Zimmerman.

Below is the yearly interview:

How does it feel to be a teenager now?
Not different, really.

What did you like about your birthday?
I liked all the decorations and also that I got a lot of presents that I wasn't expecting to get that I loved.

What didn't you like?
I didn't like spending 8 hours trying to get one of my presents to work.

Any memorable experiences this last year?
Mostly just hiking Mt. St. Helens.  That's my most memorable one.  Also hiking to Ice Lake, the trip to Yellowstone, and wood shop class.

Any words of wisdom you can share?

  • Don't drink a gallon of soda before bedtime (I've not done this cause I'm smart).  
  • The day after your birthday can be better than the actual day cause that's when you get to play with all your presents.
  • Don't use sprite instead of milk for your cereal.  
  • Never lick beach sand, no matter what.


Lief said...

Happy Birthday Arthur.
Good advice for anyone on a beach or with cereal.

Bop-op said...
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Bop-op said...

LOL (LOL so hard I can barely breathe): This is advice I can truly use.

Anonymous said...

I can see that turning 13 years old suits Arthur nicely. Great interview. Brownies for a birthday celebration is a wonderful choice yum, they seldom do a person wrong. I recall being 13 years old. I hope your recall of being a teen is as long lived as mine!


G-ma Theresa

The Campbell's said...

Wait....he's a teenager already? Holy Moly!! Belated Birthday wishes to the newest of the teen set!!

Great Aunt Margy