Thursday, July 2, 2015

around the farm week 26

Ducks staying cool in the heat.  We emptied their pond, scooped out the sludge at the bottom and refilled after cleaning it.  They appreciate it but still like sitting in their drinking water.

This fellow guards the feeder from other hummers.

Enjoying the Crocosmias.

Resting a bit in the shade offered by the grape trellis.

Harvesting Rose Fingerlings.

Little J. made ice cream.  Coffee flavored using Big J's fresh roasted beans.

Last of the poppies for the season.

Been collecting poppy seeds, columbine, and chives seeds this week.


Bop-op said...

Very nice photos. Thanks for sharing.

Message from Monya, using Bopop's PC.

Anonymous said...

Love seeing all the progress. Busy is the word of the day it seems! So enjoy checking out the latest happenings. Seems as though summer is half over when it seems it was just spring! Where is this year going...........mercy! Keep sharing the photos so we can see how things are going. Loving it!!

Aunt Lou

Heidi Zimmerman said...

Thanks guys, I'll try to keep up on the pics! :)

Liz Elfring said...

Wonderful blog, it shows what an outstanding woman you are, dogs, sheep, pigs, flowers, quilting, and oh, so much more.

Heidi Zimmerman said...

Thanks for the kind words Liz!!