Thursday, July 16, 2015

around the farm week 27, 28

bunny hoping I don't come any closer

big, big potato

We dug up a volunteer potato plant that was shading out my lettuce.  Lots of red potatoes came off the bush, including this beast.  It got named George and sat on the table for a good week being admired.  Hunger won out Sunday morning and hash browns were had.

joi choi


Gold Bar squash

sweet corn

enjoying greens

Due to my inability to keep my ladies out of my gardens and wrecking havoc, with a heavy heart I've had to keep them locked up this summer.  In order to keep them healthy and happy, I give them armloads of fresh greens every day. My daily goal is to give them more than they can eat. I love that they spend the afternoons usually stuffed to the beaks and snoozing on that day's leftovers.  It has also changed my perspective on weeds - I now see this as free chicken food, which is very exciting.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

around the farm week 26

Ducks staying cool in the heat.  We emptied their pond, scooped out the sludge at the bottom and refilled after cleaning it.  They appreciate it but still like sitting in their drinking water.

This fellow guards the feeder from other hummers.

Enjoying the Crocosmias.

Resting a bit in the shade offered by the grape trellis.

Harvesting Rose Fingerlings.

Little J. made ice cream.  Coffee flavored using Big J's fresh roasted beans.

Last of the poppies for the season.

Been collecting poppy seeds, columbine, and chives seeds this week.