Thursday, June 25, 2015

around the farm, week 25

sun dried laundry

Biscuit staying cool

acting innocent as if they didn't just spill Snow Bear's water

flowers blooming

chive seeds ready for harvesting

tomatoes ripening

looks like I interrupted a meeting

strutting her stuff

burgundy beans on the verge of producing

corn getting tall

Ithica lettuce in back, Tom Thumb lettuce in front

I may have planted too much celery - this bed is full, and two long rows as well

from left to right: potatoes, cabbage with radishes interspersed, white onions, choi, kohlrabi and red onions back of kholrabi

peaches coming along nicely


Anonymous said...

Awesome photos Heidi, love the laundry and the naughty ducks! My tomatoes are still only flowers, hmmmmm. Don't know what's wrong. May mean a trip to Carpinito's, how are your veggie baskets working out this year? We are coming up to a hot week, beyond hot, yikes.


Heidi Zimmerman said...

I bet your tomatoes will set in no time! Veggie shares are doing great. I've got the greatest subscribers and am loving how fast the heat is making everything mature!!