Thursday, May 14, 2015

around the farm, week 19

Ducklings have hatched!  I've kept them inside for the first 5 days to ensure they were healthy and strong, but now I have moved them out into the lawn.  I filled a pie plate with water for them to play it.  It's enough to splash about and sit in, but not deep enough to cause problems.  Normally, ducklings have a mom who takes them swimming, and will lead them out of the water when they've had enough.  Without a mom, ducklings can stay in the water far too long causing their down to become sodden and potentially drown.  So, they are stuck with the pie plate unless I'm outside and available to supervise their swim time.

Still on pins and needles with the my lady ducks nesting and hoping to see more ducklings any day now.  Actually, I was thinking they would have started hatching this weekend - so here's hoping for good news to share soon!

Garden side - I've gotten to work on the warmer veggies this past week, and have cucumbers, beans, and squashes all popping up from the ground.  The eggplants and peppers have been doing so well, and are big enough now to be planted from their pots.  I also got corn varieties planted, and need to get in the popcorn and drying corn this weekend.  Lastly, I planted yet another round of onions, lettuces, beets, spinach, and radishes to keep a healthy supply available.  The only thing that I'm disappointed in is my carrots - they aren't coming up yet!  I will sow more this weekend and see what happens.

My strawberries are covered in flowers and green berries!  I'm so excited and am amazed at the difference in development between the berry plants at the top of the hill and those at the bottom of the hill.  This will be great to extending my berry season.

A. and I planned out his sunflower fort on the island, and we laid straw flakes all along the perimeter. This will help block weeds, and give the sunflowers a good, warm place to grow.  Now, to get the sunflowers started.

Next week is the first week of my CSA for the season!  I'm so super excited that I can hardly stand it. I'm ironing out the last of the details and crossing my fingers that it goes smoothly!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

around the farm, week 18

Things are really growing with the warm weather and rains!  Gardens are doing great, and we are very near the time to harvest several goodies from the garden. Here are some things I noticed this week:

China Express Cabbage

Russian Kale (second planting), Rainbow Chard, Collards, Cheddar Cauliflower, 
Gypsy Broccoli, and Chiogga beets are all growing in this row

Yukon potatoes

several of my tomato plants are flowering - in May!

onions starting to put on some girth

Snow Bear keeping me company

Tiny grape clusters are forming

Mrs. Feathers should be a mom pretty soon now - maybe in a week?

Pears are growing

Peaches too!

Biscuit keeping an eye on the farm

The oregano patch is encroaching on my irises. 
 Looks like relocating is in order

Ducklings in the incubator have started to pip!  Sooo excited!!