Wednesday, November 27, 2013

this week makes three

I've heard that the average human breaks(fractures) one bone in their lifetime.  Well, I guess my little fellow A. is above average in this department.  On Monday, he broke his right pinky toe by stubbing it on the office bookshelf.  We took him to the Dr. and they said just a stub, no break.  Later that evening we get a call saying the Radiologist looked at the xrays and noticed a hairline fracture.

This closely follows him stubbing and breaking his left fourth toe on the couch foot in June. (First break was a leg in a sledding accident about 8 years ago).  I'm seriously thinking of making him wear shoes in the house, and am definitely going to work on rearranging/different furniture options/decluttering and anything else I can to make our house more toe friendly.

A.'s understandably put out by this latest event.  Luckily, we have the holiday season and all the fun that goes with it to keep him in good spirits.  Feast tomorrow, visit up North over the weekend, Little J.'s birthday on Tuesday - all this and more seems to be the perfect remedy.