Friday, June 28, 2013

happy tidbits

Summer is in full swing, and I am enjoying spending the days puttering around the place.  Here are the latest happenings on the farm:

Bounty Basket

I am officially in the bounty basket business.  I made up my first two today - traded one for labor, and sold the other.  I have received very positive feedback, and already have more orders for future baskets (yay!).

This basket included:
  • 2 heads loose leaf lettuce
  • 2 heads broccoli
  • rhubarb
  • rosemary
  • garlic
  • chives
  • lavender bouquet
  • baby potatoes
  • one dozen eggs

About that labor I mentioned above - my neighbor came over with his tractor and dug me a huge hole to put the holding tank in the ground.

tank that will be my pond

All we need to do is put the tank in, and shovel the dirt around it - both to fill in and create a duck friendly berm.  I hope to get this done over the weekend, and I also hope to post pictures.  This is something I have wanted done for years, and am very excited to see it so close to being finished.
hole dug for tank

We've assembled some pretty hanging baskets that go along the south side of our house.   The hummingbirds are crazy for them.  So am I.

The herb garden Big J. put in for my birthday is growing much faster than I anticipated.  I love how established it's looking already.

bathing beauties

Waddles and her babies are doing great.  As usual, the ducklings seem to be growing overnight.  They seem curious about the pond project and keep wandering over to take a look.  It'll be fun watching them splash about in the water!

I moved all the chickens into their new field, and have planted the entire old chicken field.  I'm expecting great things from such rich soil.  I started tilling this field with my little tiller, but then a week or so later, Big J.  finished the job using tiller given to us from some friends who moved and didn't want it.  Getting this tiller was such a welcome surprise! I have even greater plans now that I have a big tiller - muh ha ha ha!

Here is the new field for the chickens.  Like the pond, I have wanted another field for a long time.  Funny how everything seems to come together at once.

We have a new door cut into the coop and a gate that I can use to connect the two fields if I want to give the ladies even more room.  The girls like hanging out in the shade under the coop.

Things still to come:

  • finishing the pond
  • fencing in the pond and land around it for the ducks
  • keeping up with replanting areas that I have harvested
  • water, water, water

At least, that's what I think I'll be focusing on.  Sometimes I get distracted/excited about new projects.  There's just too much fun to be had!

Friday, June 21, 2013


When I got back from the road trip, I found I was down to one lonely duck.  Apparently her companion disappeared the same way the others did this spring.  It's pretty sad seeing a single duck wandering around, trying to befriend the other animals.   I had been pondering what to do about the situation - should I give her to someone who has ducks, should I put her in with the chickens, should I get more ducks.

While I was busy pondering, Waddles was busy building herself a nest behind my Irises by the front door.  She soon had a clutch of eggs and was diligently sitting on them.  James mentioned, "You should throw away those eggs", and I agreed.  Nothing would come of her hard work since they must be sterile.  But, she was content on her nest and I was reluctant to upset her.  I said to myself, "When I figure out what to do with her, I'll go about disturbing her - in the meantime, I'll leave her alone".

This morning I said goodbye to Big J. and was surprised to see him coming back across the yard and thru the kitchen door.  He informed me that Waddles had at least 2 ducklings!

Waddles ended up moving the babies across the lawn and we discovered that she had five!!
Fearing that she would go into the woods with them, I closed the family up in a portable pen.

What a surprise to find that at least some of her eggs were not sterile after all!  And she seems so, so happy with her family.