Friday, May 24, 2013


Many weeks have passed since my last in the garden post.  So, I'll lump all the gardening that we've been doing quickly:

Planted 10 fruit trees:
  • Liberty Apple
  • Wolf River Apple
  • Frost Peach
  • Peach Plum
  • Burbank Plum
  • 2 Black Tartarian Cherries
  • SumerCrisp Pear
  • Red Bartlett Pear
  • Italian Prune

Some of the above we already have and are expanding on, and some are new varieties for us.

We also planted enough seed potatoes to produce an estimated 120 pounds of produce, and I have still more to plant.

We were lucky enough to be given concord grape starts, golden raspberry starts, and a variety of herbs.  I will have to decide where I want to plant these.

Our rhubarb is coming along fantastically!! 

Been weeding, hacking back at the lawn, and the neighbor mowed our field for us.

I have yet another broody hen, who will probably be getting chicks this weekend.  She has been such an amazing mom in years past. This will be her fourth batch of babies.

I hope in the next few weeks to get a huge amount of planting done - both from seeds and transplants we have started inside.

I'm a bit behind schedule in the garden, as we took the most fantastic trip with Grumpy for a few weeks.  On his blog he has documented the trip day by day, and his writing is quite amusing.  

Lots of fun!