Wednesday, February 27, 2013

in the garden week 2

This past weekend we went up to the L. family farm and collected branch tips from various trees and put them in labeled jars filled with a slurry of water and root hormone.  I'm hoping that some of these root, and I'll have fruit tree starts from their trees.

The L.s have papers showing the homestead was established 1898, and one of the accomplishments achieved in the first few years, was planting a magnificent Royal Anne cherry tree.  This tree is amazing, and produces a quantity of fruit that is hard to visualize.

 A few years ago, Grandpa B. had a flatbed loaded with hay that he drove under the tree.  There was a ladder next to the truck to climb up the truck and on the top of the hay bales.  Only then could I reach the bottom tier of the sour cherry tree.  I don't know how many pounds I picked, but when I was done, I had my Saturn's trunk filled with cherries.  And when I stepped back to look at the tree, it looked so heavily loaded that it was hard to tell that I even picked!

We also got cuttings from 90+ year old apple trees of unknown variety, King apple, blueberry bushes of unknown variety, and Mountain Tulip.    It will be so cool if this actually works and I have starts from these fabulous trees!

Monday, February 25, 2013

gentleman farmer

How Little J. went about his morning chores of feeding the ducks and putting scraps in the worm bin.

Monday, February 18, 2013

in the garden

These past few weeks we have been gearing up for the garden season.  It started with the annual seed catalog order.  I went through my seeds and found I only needed a handful to round out the leftover seeds I still had.  My mother found she only needed a few as well.  We got together to order and proceeded to go crazy.   When they came in, I was both surprised at how many we purchased and excited about all the fun seeds.

While waiting until planting day, I  have added wood ash, manure, and lime to my raised beds.

Here's what both Big J. and I have planted so far:

  • Hood Strawberries - I transplanted a lot of the runner plants to cover another raised bed, and a 15 foot row.  I also potted-up several to sell.   I plan on expanding my berries a bit more this season, but am thinking carefully about where I want to put them.
  • Peas - I have three varieties in the ground - Alaska, Canoe Shelling, and Oregon Sugar Pod.  
  • Garlic - since he's the garlic man, I'll leave it to him to go into all the glorious details on his blog.
  • Kale - Improved Dwarf Siberian
  • Lettuce - Arctic Tundra Blend
  • Radishes - Cherry Belle
  • Onions - Winter White Bunching

All but the garlic and strawberries are currently under hoops and cloche fabric.

Today I hope to start a crazy amount of herbs indoors.  I have come up with a new landscape-plan using herbs as hedges and design elements.

Pictures, design sketches, and planting details ad nauseum will either 1) send jolts of excitement which cause you to promptly run outside and get your hands in the soil, or 2) bore you so deeply that you find reading these posts helps you fight off a nasty bout of insomnia.

Either way, you win!