Thursday, August 23, 2012

fishing and smoking

Last weekend, we all decided to try out luck at a local trout farm.  A. received a birthday certificate from Big J. for a day of fishing, and when A. found out Great Grandpa would be down, he decided to celebrate by cashing it in so Great Grandpa could join in the fun.

After coming home with six (six!!) big rainbow trout from the clunkers pond, Big J. and Great Grandpa dug into our side hill and fixed up a smoker for the fish that we weren't having for dinner.  I am amazed at what they concocted with just out of what was around the property.  They used alder for flavoring, and blocked the rising smoke so it channeled up to where the fish lay on a rack made of alder dowels and fencing wire.

After smoking overnight and the next morning, the fish was ready to be removed and eaten.

I grabbed some salad fixings from the garden and we were set!  This was definitely the best smoked fish I have ever had, making the meal as memorable as the great day spent fishing, and watching the amazing process of a smoker being constructed.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

another birthday for A

We celebrated the big day in fine style by first spending it at the fair with an all day ride bracelet, followed up by a picnic at the park.
Like most siblings, J. couldn't resist hamming it up in the background while I took a shot of A. on his birthday.
I liked this impromptu photo of the three boys.

While the young fellas enjoyed the swings...
the older fellas enjoyed visiting.

The yearly interview:

How does it feel being 10?
Great.  I feel a lot bigger now that I'm in the double digits.

What did you like about your birthday?
Mainly the presents, which I think most people like about their birthdays.

Any words of wisdom?
1) When you think the presents will keep on coming, eventually they will stop.  
2) If you are swimming in a lake or river and go just to the area where you can't touch the bottom, it seems you're miles off the ground.  But really, it's just a bit under your feet.