Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween fun

This year, we got our pumpkins from Coyote Ridge Ranch, and the boys each carved one as they saw fit.  Arthur has been playing an online game called MineCraft which he loves with a passion, and was inspired by this game to carve his pumpkin.  It is a man with one eye open and the other closed with a tear because he is smelling cut onions.  It is done in all square shapes just like the MineCraft worlds.

Jamey decided that the holiday wouldn't be right without a traditional pumpkin, and he whipped this one up.  We all agree that it is quintessentially Halloween.

Here they are lit up and glowing.

And here are the boos ready for the night.  We have an IRS audtior, and an Enderman figure (from MineCraft, of course!).  The IRS outfit got lots of laughs and comments, and Jamey really enjoyed all the fuss.  I am still slightly amazed that he even came up with this as a costume.  Arthur converted his outfit at the last minute to a regular ninja, as he didn't think enough people would know what an Enderman was. And in the dark, he really did look like a stealthy ninja (or a thug, or a robber - take your pick).

Lots of candy later, they came home tired and slap-happy.  What a great night.