Saturday, May 28, 2011

a happy momma hen

I have a hen that took it into her head that she wanted to be a momma. No matter what I did, she continued to brood - even on an empty box! Knowing that if I let her have some eggs that they wouldn't hatch due to sterility, I decided to give her some chicks to raise.

I went to the feed store and bought 4 chicks for her - only being particular about them being as young as possible. I ended up with two buff orpingtons and two javas and I settled them under her at night. At first she seemed surprised and somewhat confused. Then she started cooing to them and fluffed out her wings and got comfy with her new chicks. And the babies took to her like she was their mom the whole time.

In the ensuing days she has been very protective over her little brood and they are thriving under her care.

I adore how they hop in and out of her feathers like popcorn. Here I caught a chick making a dive for safety.

And here is one that loves nothing better than peeking out at the world from her mom's wing.

Thursday, May 26, 2011

kick off of the camping season

This past weekend our family joined up with the grange campers assos. to start the season off right. We headed up to Cougar and stayed at the Lone Fir campground. Arthur and I headed up a day before the James' and got everything set up.

But instead of waiting until nighttime to hop in the tent and cozy up in the sleeping bag, Arthur decided that this treat was too special to wait for, and joined the festivities already bagged up.

He even joined in card games (and puzzles) ready to go if a nap should strike.

Saturday, my mom James, and Jamey made it to the campground and we all left for a bit of snow shoeing. I love snow shoeing!

The boys love playing in snow - shoes optional.

At one point, James shucked off the snow shoes and climbed up an outcrop - he's the cute little red dot.

I really love this picture of Grandma Jill and Jamey together.

There was roasting of marshmallows and hot dogs, lots of games, laughter, and fun into the late night with plenty of tent chatter before everyone nodded off. All of us are anticipating our next camp out!