Tuesday, February 8, 2011

an odd, but happy happening

A few weeks ago Great Grandpa Ward, Grandpa Jim, and Uncle Lief came down to help us erect a canopy that will cover James' soon to arrive velomobile (thanks again guys!). On that weekend I let my ladies out of the coop for a good visit with everyone while we worked. They love it when we putter around outside because they know they get to putter around too - and for the most part this works in keeping them safe from predators.

Unfortunately, when I closed them up Saturday night, I realized that I was missing a bird. Being dark and not having a flash light, I figured I'd double check in the morning. Sure enough, I was down one the next morning - Pretty Feather was missing.

All the following week I kept my ladies in their enclosed yard as I wasn't home to keep an eye on them if I let them loose. But on Friday afternoon, I let them out again to graze where they would (really not sure if this has any bearing on the story or not). When I closed them up that night and did a head count, I came up with 19 birds! What?! Did another head count and got 19 again. Looking more closely I found that yes, Pretty Feather was indeed back with the flock. I don't know where she spent her vacation, but I'm delighted that she's home again.