Friday, October 29, 2010

busy busy

Life at Fort Bale has been flying by. Homeschooling, Creative Classes - 6 for each kid, 4-H meetings, grange, comiss. meetings, quilt club, along with farm life, and trying to stay on top of personal goals has left little down time. Hence, I've been letting a lot of items slide (blog included). I can honestly say that I think I have found my limit on what I can handle, which is a new feeling for me. I keep thinking of what I can drop to free up more time, but every item I go over gives me or a family member such joy/satisfaction in the activity that the gain of free time doesn't outweigh the loss of the event. Right now, I am just enjoying the ride and feel grateful that we have so many opportunities which make our days so fun.

That said, I am really looking forward to the vacation our family is starting tomorrow, and all the r&r it will entail. We are leaving bright and early for Maui and will stay there for a week. With no plans beyond swimming, hiking, and lounging I'm sure we will all come back refreshed and ready for anything.