Thursday, February 25, 2010

Raspberry Delight

This week, Grandpa Ward drove down to our place and delivered 12 (twelve!!!) large raspberry plants to us. I was so excited I could hardly stand it. We decided to plant them on the East side of my greenhouse in two rows - plenty of sun and easy water access.

We had to take into account the placement of rows in relation to the stumps left over from James cutting the trees last year. We plan on having a local stump grinder come out in March, but the raspberries couldn't wait until then. Luckily, where I wanted to put them and the space between the rows ended up being free of all but one Cascara trunk which Ward and James worked very hard on on removing. And double luckily, the stump grinder has an attachment that goes on his chainsaw so he can work in tight places. Phew - I won't loose any raspberries!

Now, to build trellises for the two rows! We will be doing that this weekend and I will show you the results.

Thank you Grandpa Ward for all your hard work helping us get a raspberry patch established!!!

Raspberry Row #1
Raspberry Row #2

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

keeping busy

What have we been up to in the last month or so that I went on a blogging hiatus? Pretty much the same as always.

Jamey is really taking to sewing. He got the cutest animal fabric set and is busily working on a new quilt using all his new supplies in the sewing kit he got for Christmas.

Arthur continues to enjoy beading. A friend of mine recently gave him a giant bag of glass beads and you can see him here trying to make decisions on what to use.

Ever the entrepreneur, Jamey has set up an in-house mail system. We can all write each other notes and place them in this well designed mail box, and Jamey, who is the post master delivers them. I particularly like the tip jar that he set out.

Garden season is starting to unfold and I have many plans for this year. Big, hairy, wild, garden plans! I will be sharing them with you ad nauseum. Oh boy oh boy oh boy!!!!