Friday, July 17, 2009

Bead Fair

This past weekend Mom, Lisa, and I went to a bead fair in Portland. It was fantastic and trying to pick and choose from such a dizzying array was a challenge. We attempted to walk around the fair first to see what there was and compare prices but we did end up buying some beads along the way around. After a few more walkthroughs, we all left with our goodies in tow and went out to Thai and oohed and ahhed over each others' purchases. I can't wait to see the finished projects from everyone's choices.

Here are my picks from the fair. The prices were so good that I am absolutely smug about what I got for my money.

And to leave you with some ideas, here are my latest completed pieces - none with the new beads, but I'm getting there!

This necklace and the one below it are the same style as the one I posted here in different colors.

I wanted to do a white necklace that had some sparkle and this fits the bill perfectly.

I just learned how to make this bracelet both as a single and as a double. I think the single would make a good choker necklace.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Tennis Class for Jamey

Jamey asked if he could take tennis lessons this summer so I have signed him up for classes at the Vancouver Tennis and Racquetball Center. He is having such a wonderful time and is learning quite a bit. He told me yesterday after class was over that "Dad doesn't stand a chance against me!".

Here Jamey is posing in his tennis outfit and racket from Grandma Theresa.

He showed me a tennis move that he learned in this photo.
I was only able to get this one picture of the actual class before it started as they don't want photos taken while the kids are learning - understandably.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Bead Class for Arthur

Arthur has been taking out his beads to work with me when I am beading and asked if he could take some bead classes like me. With that in mind, I checked Main Street Bead Connection and found that they do teach classes for children.

When signing Arthur up, I thought Jamey might like to go and asked him if he would be interested in taking the class as well. My answer was 1) a rolling of eyes 2) a sound effect similar to gagging and 3) a vocal response of "Why would you want to torture me?". I took that oh so subtle answer as "Thank you for the wonderful offer Mom, and if I didn't have such a pressing engagement on my Fable game, I would love to go". Hence on Saturday Mom, Arthur, and I all made a trip downtown and proceeded to bead together, sans Jamey.

Arthur's instructor was very nice and helped him pick cording and beads that could work together while explaining what to look for (i.e. hole sizes to match cording sizes, color combinations, visual placement).
Arthur chose a leather cord for his first necklace and once he added the beads he wanted, the teacher showed him (and me!) how to add the clasp to the leather ends.
A picture of industriousness with Grandma Jill working hard right beside Arthur.
Arthur with his first necklace.
And Arthur wearing both necklaces that he made.

It was a very nice time and Arthur was tickled pink with himself.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hiding Moth

This morning when I went into the laundry room, I discovered to my dismay that the outside door had been left open for the night and the room was filled with moths and other flying bugs. Armed with vacuum, broom, and open door, I crossly began to swish and suck bugs. When I thought my job done and the room safe to begin the day's laundry, I spied one last moth. How this fellow blended so well with the plaster as if it were its natural habitat surprised me.

He was not swished nor sucked, but taken carefully outside in thanks for helping me forget my irritation.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The "Ps" of Summer



Thursday, July 2, 2009

Butterfly Visit

While warming up from swimming on the trampoline, a butterfly came and visited the boys.
It first landed on the towel next to Arthur. He held very still trying not to scare the butterfly away while Jamey ran to get me so I could share in this exciting event.
The butterfly visited Arthur's back next. Arthur said he could feel it, but wanted to see it again.

It liked Arthur's toes and spent a particularly long time at this spot. The butterfly tickled Arthur and he had a very hard time holding still through his giggling.

Finally, Arthur's wish to see the butterfly came to pass as it landed on his thumb and Arthur was able to gaze at it to his heart's content.

Here it is checking out Arthur's shoulder before saying goodbye and flying onto Jamey next!

He landed on Jamey's hand much to Jamey's delight.

After this picture, the butterfly flew off and said goodbye. Jamey wished the butterfly visited him for a bit longer as he had Arthur, but he understood that it had to go back it its butterfly business.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

I've been playing

I took a bead class recently with Mom and ever since, I have been inspired to pick up my bead box and have at it. Here are my recent three.

I love the pendent on the above necklace, but I'm not so keen on the color choices made for the beads in the chain (the aqua looking beads are actually a pale sparkly purple, but they came out strange in the photo). I may disassemble the piece.

I like this piece. It is chunky and the sky blue with the teal combination is interesting to my eye.

This one I'm simply tickled with. I love how it looks when it is on you - lacy, delicate and textually interesting. And the colors are great too! I am making another one in orange, red, and silvered white.